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Bret Michaels: Single, Dating, Family & Friends Bret Michaels has dated multiple lovely ladies including his long time girlfriend, Kristi Gibson, an actress and former model. The couple have dated for 18 years since 1994 and have two daughters together. Bret Michael Sychak (born Friday, March 15, 1963), professionally known as Bret Michaels, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. He gained fame as the lead singer of the glam rock band Poison who have sold over 40 million records worldwide and 15 million records in the United States alone. Bret Michaels Dating History. Relationship info powered by: Married; Relationship 'Encounter' 25 195 67. Taya Parker Capricorn 2009 Taya Parker (born January 10, 1978) is an American model, actress, singer, TV host and reality TV show contestant best known for winning the VH1 reality television show Rock of Love Bus with Bret ... Michaels is enjoying fatherhood at present. He has two daughters. Kristi Lynn Gibson is the mother of his children. But, this beautiful pair had an off-and-on relationship. After spending years with her and welcoming two daughters with her, Michaels proposed Kristi in 2010 while recording the reality shows finale ‘Bret Michaels: Life As I ... See all Bret Michaels' marriages, divorces, hookups, break ups, affairs, and dating relationships plus celebrity photos, latest Bret Michaels news, gossip, and biography. Bret Michaels is currently single. He has been in 17 celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.4 years each. He has never been married. Know about his Girlfriend, Dating Life, and Affair. We know his relationship status is not pretty clear right now, but when it comes to his past affair is quite vivid and here we bring you the past affairs and relationship of Bret Michaels. The past affairs and relationships of Bret Michaels: Know all about his girlfriends right here.

The Essential Smackdown Collection: The best and most significant Smackdown matches

2018.10.12 16:22 MatthewMir The Essential Smackdown Collection: The best and most significant Smackdown matches

Hey wrestling fans, yes I’m back for a special edition of an Essential List. For those who don’t know me or what this is it’s simple - I give Wreddit a retrospective list of matches from a certain superstar. Over the last couple of weeks I made several lists of Essential Career Matches. You can either access them all through this link or here:
Current Wrestlers
John Cena Chris Jericho Randy Orton Dolph Ziggler Seth Rollins AJ Styles
The Miz Dean Ambrose Brock Lesnar Cesaro Roman Reigns Cody Rhodes
Kevin Owens Sami Zayn The Hardy Boys Bray Wyatt Samoa Joe Kane
The New Day Shinsuke Nakamura The Undisputed Era
Hall of Famers/Other
The Undertaker Shawn Michaels Eddie Guerrero Stone Cold Steve Austin Kurt Angle Edge
Mick Foley Bret Hart Ric Flair Triple H CM Punk The Rock
Batista Daniel Bryan Chris Benoit Christian
Royal Rumble Wrestlemania (1-11) Wrestlemania 12-22 Wrestlemania 23-32 Summerslam Survivor Series
Monday Night Raw NXT
Time Periods/Era’s
2000-2004 2005-2010 2011-2015 2016 The Attitude Era The Ruthless Aggression Era
Match Types/Other
Ladder Matches Womens Wrestling Hell in a Cell Matches Elimination Chamber
This week we’re doing we’re looking back at the last 1000 episodes of Smackdown.
These collection of matches comes from Dave Meltzer - his matches feature his ratings for matches rated 4* Stars and matches that I believe that are also good too, I’ll try add the ratings to those matches as well. If you only want to see ‘the best of the best’ maybe stay to just the 4 star matches then.
If you have any suggestions for matches that could be included simply privately message me or add a comment on this and I will considerate it. Please read the entire list before commenting saying I’ve forgotten a match.. Also since a few people have commented on these posts saying 'stop throwing lists at us with no information' so on a few matches I’ve added a little bit of a backstory for new fans/fans of who haven’t seen the matches, some match details do contain spoilers, so you have been warned, but really if you’re getting up in arms about a match spoiler from several years ago that’s not my problem. I have also tried to add a link to each match as well; videos come YouTube, Daily Motion and other third party websites. And lastly, and most importantly, I used Meltzer’s ratings as a guide but make sure to make your own opinion (or rating in this case) about the matches. Just cause he gives something a 3, doesn't mean that it isn't a 5 to you! If you do not like this list because I’ve based it off ratings, that is not my problem. Alright, now lets start the list:
Thanks for taking the time to read this list, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any other suggestions for lists feel free to comment or message me.
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2017.02.16 21:59 redbuck17 Wresltemania IX: And all that could have been....

After reading the comments in a post yesterday, I think it's safe to say Wrestlemania IX is widely regarded as the worst Wrestlemania by wrestling fans (Though I think XI was worst personally). Wrestlemania IX was a flop, this I think is largely due to poor booking and match structure. So I think that blame lies on the Booker's and agents. When you think about the potential that mania had it is so sad and seems like a wasted opportunity.
  1. It was the first ever WWE show to have a themed gimmick; The Roman gimmick was cool. The WWE had never done anything like this before. It was also the debut of an elaborate set/stage probably the only legacy this show left behind, as the unique visual set-up is something the product still does to this day.
  2. It was the first outdoor Wrestlemania, and to date the only one not held in a traditional stadium or arena. This adds to the spectacle and gives fans a the sense they're watching something special.
  3. The WWE debut of Good Ol' J.R as well as the return of Hulk Hogan.
  4. The only time in over two decades The Undertaker didn't win via pin fall or submission.
  5. The roster for this mania is a complete all-star lineup: Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Bob Backlund, Mr.Perfect, The Undertaker, Shawn Micheals, Lex Luger, The Steiners, Ted DiBiasi and Yokozuna.
It's hard to believe that with the uniqueness of the show coupled with an all-star line up of talent makes me think this may be the biggest dropped ball of all the Wrestlemanias.
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2016.03.13 05:07 Joose2001 [REQUEST] "Joose wants WWE 2k16" The Novel...


Before we start, MJInch1979 on Steam is me.....
Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening etc etc. I hope you are sitting comfortably, as trust me you may be here for a while!
I won't bother to formally introduce myself, I've been here too long and the majority of the regulars know who I am and know more about me than probably even my mother knows! For those who don't, I am Joose2001 or simply just Martin... Also I am "that lucky wankaaaa" who seemed to have won every AAA game last year!
I am here today to request a game that has just recently came out (released on Thursday 10th March) and is one that I have been waiting since October last year to be announced that it was being released on PC. Eventually in January of this year, it was officially announced as having a PC release, pre-orders went up on Steam a few hours later and it got quickly placed at the top rank of my Wishlist.
A game which the topic of it, is a subject that is very very close to me. Something I have been a fan off for pushing on 30 years. Something that has given me new friends, especially online, friends that I have now known for close to 10 years. Something that I am extremely passionate about, even if others view it as "fake" and "oily men play-fighting in the underwear".
For today, I am putting in a request for............. drumroll WWE 2k16
In the words of D-Generation X....... ARE YOU READY?

My History Of Wrestling

Early Beginnings

I honestly cannot recall when I first saw wrestling on the TV, I have no clue who was in any of the events and I would imagine the year would have been around 1983 or so. But this was not WWF, NWA or any of the other promotions that were big in this period.... For we did not get any of these in the UK for quite sometime.... No this was old school UK Wrestling on a programme called World Of Sport. World Of Sport featured highlights of different sporting events, but Wrestling was its main feature on the show, broadcasting for an hour every week from 1965 until 1985.
I know I definitely saw it many times on a Saturday afternoon, as I do have memories at going to my Grandad's some weekends with my Dad and the three of us sat watching the matches unfold whilst having Pasties for tea which my Gran had made especially for that weeks viewing. We would sit and watch wrestlers such as Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Mick McManus, Kendo Nagasaki and even future stars such as Bret Hart, Steven/William Regal and Dave "Fit" Finlay.
In the late 80's and very early 90's, the company that hosted the wrestling in the UK would go to different towns around the country and as luck would have it, they would come to a town 15 miles away from where we lived every two months or so. These hold very very special memories for me, as when they came near us my Dad would drive the both of us for a night of live squared-circle action! These times stick in my mind as it was something just me and my Dad would do together. Now my Dad and I weren't majorly close when I was younger, I think this was more due to the fact that he worked a lot and usually came home from work late in the evenings, so we didn't spend a lot of time together. Looking back, I know he cared for all of us a lot as he worked his ass off to provide the family with as much as he could....... BUT saying that, I appreciate these times even more now, as even for him it was something he wanted to do on his own with his eldest child. Later on in the early 90's, the same company would also come to our town once or twice a year. During this time my brother would also come with us, the three of us enjoying the action put on in front of us.

An American Dream

During the summer of 1990, whilst at a friends house his Dad asked if we wanted to watch some wrestling. With visions of seeing our usual hero's and visions we quickly said yes. But this wasn't what we were used to, this was different, this was something else. We watched in awe and amazement as two huge men battled each other, these two men looked like larger-than-life superheroes and the crowd was very loudly cheering for both men. This was Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior. This was Wrestlemania VI. This was WWF and I was instantly hooked!
With the dawn of Sky TV (UK Satellite TV) it bought upon a whole new audience to discover this new world of wrestling featuring these "gods" of men. It was almost cartoon-like as the characters and the huge look of these men and women was nothing like English audience had seen before.
In late 1990, our family subscribed to SKY TV were we could then watch Wrestling straight from America (usually a few weeks after its air date, as this TV model was still in its infancy). Our family, friends and the rest of the UK were becoming hooked on this huge spectacle compared to what we were used to. We all had our favourites too, mine at the time being the Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Legion Of Doom. I was a typical young kid back in the age of "its still real" where I cheered the good guys and despised the bad guys. I at first loved Jake Roberts, then hated him after he gate-crashed Randy Savage's wedding and soon after had his King Cobra bite the Macho Man Now it seems to be the opposite as I appreciate the workrate and talent more, which usually seems to reflect more in the "bad guys".
In July of 1992, our parents surprised us with tickets to the biggest wrestling event ever in the UK. So on 29th August, our family and some friends headed on the long journey from Cornwall to London. We got there an hour before the show started, excitement was in the air. We found our seats and even though seeing directly in the ring was a bit hard, we didn't care, we were at WWF Summerslam! I can look back at this event and feel myself SO lucky to see bona-fide LEGENDS of the wrestling business perform live. Men like Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Ted DiBiase, Legion Of Doom, Shawn Micheals, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, British Bulldog etc etc all on ONE SHOW!
As the years rolled on, the rest of my family slowly lost interest in WWF and wrestling as a whole. But for me, my interest was gaining steam and I just could not get enough of the action.

Change Of Attitude

Without going too much into detail, as this is a personal story more than anything, wrestling EXPLODED in popularity in the late 1990's to early 2000's during what fans refer to as "The Attitude Era". Stars were born in the shape of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH, Mick Foley etc etc. The world was taken more notice again of wrestling and I couldn't be more happier.
There has been points in my fandom where I feel, not ever ashamed of being a fan, but more to the point of when I tell someone I watch wrestling, I already know their reaction will be "oh.... you know its fake rubbish?" But during the Attitude Era, noone cared. It was Sports Entertainment, it was electrifying, it was a big "fuck you" to anyone who stopped you doing what you want.
And watching it was now even easier, SKY TV started to show the monthly pay-per-view events LIVE. Even though this meant they would air on a Monday morning at 1am - 4am, I stayed up to watch nearly every single one. Even when I was at college and had to leave the house at 6am, even when I started work and had to be there at 9am, watching these live shows every month was one thing I HAD to do. Why record it and watch it hours later, possibly having it spoilt by someone (or even these days, avoiding results or news online is downright impossible!) when you could watch the whole thing LIVE!!!!! Even now, I try to watch as much as I can, staying up to 4am or even later to catch another event.

The Internet Age

The internet has majorly expanded my fandom. I am a full-time member of the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community). I take multiple visits every day to /squaredcircle I love reading news articles, rumours, opinion pieces etc etc. I have even wrote articles myself, I have held interviews with various Independent Wrestlers. I own multiple biographies of wrestlers. I have made many long-term friends through various wrestling sites, forums etc. In 2014 for Christmas, my sister bought me the WWE Encyclopaedia and even over a year later I will still open it up and read it.
The IWC has introduced me to SO much more than the WWE, there are a lot of other companies out there on the Independent scene and I immediately fell in love with CHIKARA Pro, which really takes me back to my childhood with wrestling. They're over the top, they're cartoony and feature characters that seem right out of comic books.
Also thanks to the IWC, I have seen the stars of today and the future long before the were known to the "mainstream" wrestling audience. I have watched DVD's of shows featuring CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli (Ceasaro) and many more years before they joined the WWE. I raved to people about how awesome "that guy in some Indy show" was. Yes it may not have been the glitz and glamour of the WWE, but it was still wrestling and it was all amazing.
And for those who say "Wrestling is fake", "Why do you watch that fake stuff", "How can anyone enjoy this?" I have one thing to say.... Wrestling Isn't Wrestling (I seriously recommend everyone to watch this, its sums up WHY I love wrestling so much)

Commercial Break

Gaming With Wrestling

I bet you were thinking that was the end of my request.... Well you would be wrong! I haven't even mentioned the game at all since the start of this post. But don't worry, we shall get to that eventually but before we do, I would like to give you a quick history on my wrestling gaming experiences.
My first experiences with Wrestling games was at the local arcade when I was probably about 10 or so. The flashy graphics, sound and the chance to play as various wrestlers first drew me to WWF Wrestlefest and later WWF Royal Rumble
When I received my Gameboy in 1990, the first game I bought with my own money saved up was WWF Superstars and soon followed by its sequel WWF Superstars 2.
Every single console I have owned, from the Playstation to the XBox 360, you can bet your sweet ass that I bought and played nearly every single WWF game that got released.
Then in 2003, I was introduced to even more games that were on the PC. There was a game released called EWR or Extreme Wrestling Revenge which was then followed by the Total Extreme Wrestling series. These games were different from everything I had previously played. Theses were booking / management simulators, where you could take control of a Wrestling company and do whatever you wanted with it to get the best ratings possible and become the best company in the world. With editors and mods, the possibilities were endless. You wanted to have Andre The Giant against AJ Styles? YOU CAN! You want to have Barack Obama against Saddam Hussein? YOU CAN!! You want to have a company full of albino midget lesbians? ..... You probably can but you're a bit weird for wanting that! I really got into the game and the community that surrounded it, so much that I even created and ran my own diary / dynasty of what I'd do with WWE if I owned it. (Beware, may be very cringey)
Around the same time, I discovered e-feds. To put it simply, these were played online on forums or via email, where you took on the role of an existing or made-up wrestler and roleplayed as them in interviews, segments etc etc. With the matches usually being determined on the effort and content of your roleplays.
Then in 2007, I came across The Wrestling Game This was a cross between an e-fed, an MMO roleplaying game with stats and the above mentioned TEW games. This is where my wrestling fandom exploded more. I was surrounded by huge wrestling nerds like myself. This is where most of my long-term wrestling friends are from. The game may not look like much, but damn if I didn't play nearly every single day for 5 years! I loved the game and the community so much that I even became part of the Admin staff and ran the forums for 3 years.

WWE 2k16

So the main topic on why I am writing this. As you can see from all the above, I am a Wrestling NERD! I live and breathe wrestling.
Last year was the first time in YEARS that a WWE game was released on the PC and was my first gaming purchase when I got my new GPU in November last year. I have put in quite a bit of time into WWE 2k15 and had modded it to hell with new music, new attires, updated looks etc etc.
I know for a fact, I would LOVE WWE 2k16 and would play it a damn lot more than 2k15. The roster is so much bigger, there's more of my old favourites and my new favourites. I could take Sami Zayne to win every title! I could make The Big Show lose to Heath Slater! I could make Bo Dallas to be the two in 22-2! With the Online Creation mode, theres a whole world of created characters out there.
Simply put, I LOVE WRESTLING!!!!!
So thank you to anyone and everyone who has made it this far. This has taken me around 5 hours to write and I could probably write more, the problem being that I am now starting to ramble!
Thank you for staying with me this long and if anyone is able to grant me this request, I shall make a Wrestler of you and...... have you lose to The Bushwhackers
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2014.01.30 22:02 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Michael Malice, professional ghostwriter, Harvey Pekar subject and author of the new Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il - AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-01-30
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Will you ever go back to North Korea? Is the North Korean government aware of your book and keeps a close eye on you? Would you still be able to go there? I would go back in a heartbeat but can't for two reasons. One, I am on their radar screen (hopefully not literally yet). Two, you only get your visa the day prior, in Beijing. I wouldn't want to spend all that money on a trip to Beijing, only to be told #SorryBoutIt.
Edit: changed the wording. I don't know about a close eye, but they're very web-savvy, surprisingly so. They liked the book cover on Instagram!
Thanks for doing this AMA Michael! I'm a big fan of your work. Three questions for you: Well, when a writer can pay his rent and write what he wants, that to me is as successful as you can get. I'm already thinking of my next project, but I think I've had enough with dictators for a lifetime.
What was it like working with Brett Michaels from Poison? I was obsessed with Poison as a kid, and saw them live when I was eight years old. Bret Michaels is a party guy...what that means in practice is he genuinely wants everyone around him to always be having a good time. Never seen anything like it, it is very admirable.
Nice! That's good to hear about Brett. So, when will you be announcing your next project? No idea, I've got to see this baby out the door first ;-)
Was there any possible chance to hook up with a local woman? What would happen if she got prego? Would you be able to bring her with you? North Korea is the most homogenous and racist country on earth. Many refugees flee to China for food and sometimes they return. They are forced to have abortions if they are pregnant. No "children of betrayers" allowed.
Are you allowed to buy anything or take anything home with you? If so, what was your favorite souvenir? Great question. The DPRK has the honor of being the first (maybe only) communist country to default on their loans. They are desperate for hard currency and have popup souvenir stands wherever you go. My favorite souvenir are candy wrappers. Here's why.
One day during my trip there they told us we were going to a school to see the kids. Before we went to the school we went to a store to buy candy for the children. As we left the store our guide told us we were going to all put the candy in one big pile and hand it to the teacher. We weren’t allowed to give it to the kids ourselves.
Well, if someone says “bed”, that person doesn’t also need to say “a piece of furniture for the purposes of sleeping”. The two are roughly conceptually identical. In that vein, being from a Soviet background, for me “the candy is going to the teacher” was identical to hearing “the candy is going to the teacher, who will then return it to the store, so the government has both our money and the candy.” Not only did I have zero doubt this would happen, I didn’t even have to pause to think about it.
I took some of the chocolate coins that I bought from the packaging and slipped it into my pocket. When we got to the school, I pulled one of my tourmates aside and handed her my camera. “When I give the kid the candy, take a picture.” “We’re not allowed to give them candy!” she said. “When I give the kid the candy, take a picture.”
The children rushed us as we got to the school, each of them grabbing one of us by the hand. I took the chocolate out of my pocket and slid it into my student’s palm. He looked at the chocolate and then looked up at me. I put my finger to my lips. He got the message; they learn very young how important it is to bite your tongue in north Korea. As they say there: “If you err only one time in your speech, you kill three generations of your family.” The kid shoved the chocolate into his pocket as fast as he could, acting completely nonchalant.
Here's the pic
Love your writing! Since biographies are a linear timeline of events, do you still get writer's block even though the pieces are already laid out for you? And if so, how do you work around it? In what ways is writer's block different between biographies vs. novels? Hey Walt! I love For Orchestra. It's not that simple. Yes, it's linear--but not every event makes the cut, and not every event is important or as important. So a lot of it, the pacing especially, is a function of experience. I don't ever get writers' block, because I can put something in parentheses, like , and then move on to the next scene.
You are starting an entirely new genre with this book (the unauthorized autobiography). That is awesome. Where in the where did this idea come to you? And why Kim Jong Il? Did you consider any other subjects? Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. My friend Justin Esch gave me the idea. You might know Justin, the brilliant mind behind ]Baconnaise, Bacon Salt and Bacon Coffins](Link to Kim Jong Il was a great idea because I can't think of anyone else as well-known but poorly understood. I don't know how I could follow this one up, maybe Barbra Streisand. She's pretty awful.
Harvey Pekar’s “Ego & Hurbis - The Michael Malice Story” describes you as “exceptional, unusual, and contradictory. Pleasant one minute, really nasty the next.” Do you acknowledge any correlation between your personality and Dear Leader? Hahahahah Well the difference between me and the Dear Leader, for one, is you can call me a jerk and walk away with zero repercussions.
I wouldn't say zero Zero physical, maybe? I'm only 5'6". Although he was short than that...
Is that true? I've heard you're vindictive. Who said that??? I'll kill them.
Did you learn anything about North Korea or Kim Jong II that was so incredible you wanted to put it in the book but couldn't because there was no way to verify the information? Well since it's from his point of view, verification wasn't a concern. The more crazy stuff they stick to the past, they're aware of foreign media and react accordingly.
So if he told you that he had an army of dragons ready to conquer the western world you would have just gone with it and put it in the book? I think I wanna be a celebrity ghost writer now. Oh if I'm writing with a crazy person--which i never have, thank god--then I would absolutely leave all their craziness in. It makes for a better book for the dear reader, don't you think?
During your time with Ghost Kim Jong Il in North Korea, were you ever concerned about your well being or have we all been brainwashed by the white man to think only pure evil about North Korea? (Hi there!) Virtually any tourist going there is completely safe. I wrote an article about my trip here
I actually have Kim Jong Il point out that only wicked imperialists can consider brain"washing" to be a bad thing.
During writing the book, was there any inspiration drawn specifically from your interactions with Kim the tour guide? If not, have you thought about her since then? I hope she is doing well. SOMEONE GOT A PIC] ([Link to!!!)
Also, do you have any way of showing us that crazy double sided painting? Please tell me it's in the book! I of course think about Kim constantly, it's great to have a personal connection to those there.
I want a framed copy of that the size of my wall. That is simply amazing. If I could afford it, that would be a tattoo for my back. If I could taste it, I would eat that painting everyday till I died. When I was there, I said they should just sell t-shirts with that. They would solve their money woes in one day.
What one thing most pleasantly surprised you about NK? How normal the people are. They aren't broken. There is happiness there.
But that's hardly representative of all NK, not even of Pyongyang, right? I met a refugee, you'd be surprised. They don't buy into the nonsense as much as people think. They try very hard, like all humans, to live as normal a life as possible. They tell jokes, they gossip, they flirt. But it's all under a dark cloud.
I hear you are required to give up all your electronic devices when you enter North Korea. What was it like to be completely cut off from outside events for that period of time? Great questions. Not all electronics, just cell phones. It is the only place on earth where you are cut off from the outside world. it is indescribable. It's just like being on another planet.
How do you feel about getting a better AMA time slot over Lars Ulrich? Napster's Revenge.
Do South Koreans even want a liberated DPRK? If Korea was somehow integrated, wouldn't it devastate the thriving SK economy and create a tremendous welfare burden on them? It is very very sad to hear the southern perspective. It is increasingly one of disinterest. Picture the south of the US after the Civil War. Yes, the slaves were free--but life for them and their kids was extremely difficult for decades.
How was your experience with creating a Kickstarter campaign? Would you do it again? It is nervewracking as hell, I assure you. But I would do it again in a second. Here are several things that a Kickstarter gives you 1) Artistic freedom 2) proof of concept 3) public demonstration that you can complete a project, this is a big one people often forget/don't realize 4) anxiety beyond belief.
North Korea is Best Korea - y/y? Korea is one! There is one nation riven in two by the US imperialists, which is why they always write north Korea and south Korea but never North and South Korea.
What inspired you to become a writer? Especially in becomming a ghostwriter. Great question! Writing appealed to me strongly as a profession because you don't have to work with an entire office and it rewards discipline. Ghostwriting is great because celebrity book deals are the most reliable. Plus, working with accomplished people so closely is very inspiring and exciting.
Sounds interesting. Would you have any tips for people considering becoming writers? The biggest tip I would have is to be prepared for people ignoring you. it is very very hard when agents or editors don't respond for weeks or months. Worst part of the job by far.
What is your writing discipline? How do you stay motivated and on target? How do you set your deadlines? What when you miss the deadline? I have never missed one (except for this book, which was a third longer than expected). I am a sprinter, not a marathon writer. Meaning, I can write 3 pages in one sitting--but only one or two sittings a day. At that rate, it's easy to make decent progress. Never edit as you write, edit in one batch later
If "Dear Reader" ever made it into the hands of North Koreans, do you think this book’s sentiments would be lost on them, or do you think they would view it as praise-worthy? I think it's almost impossible for them to regard foreign material as praiseworthy. And any irreverence vis a vis the leaders is quite literally heretical there.
How do you get inside information (that isn't already public) on someone like Kim Jong Il when his inner circle was so tight and "regular" people never had any personal dealings with him? Many of his inner circle defected, in fact the man who ghostwrote the Juche philosophy defected! And as you can see with Kim Jong Un's uncle, they left with good reason. So the inside info is out there. Even his son wrote a "book" (actually a collection of email exchanges with a japanese reporter)
I see that your Kim Jong Il book is self-published through CreateSpace. Did you investigate other publishing platforms? Why did you end up choosing them? I did CreateSpace because they are integrated with Amazon and because (I believe) Tim Ferriss used them for his last book. Since the goal was to get it available on Amazon, and their rates are fair, it seemed like a no brainer.
Interesting. This question may relate: Do you ever expect North Koreans to live under less authoritarian rule over the next 100 years? If so, how might this happen? Hemingway: "How did you go bankrupt?" "Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly."
When ghostwriting does the partner have final say or can you sneak in weird and funny details? Great question. There's a myth that the ghostwriter does whatever they want. They don't. Every word of every book goes through the other person. It's THEIR story. And sometimes they want to sneak in weird and funny details themselves!
Are you interested in foreign literature? If yes, who's your favourite foreign writer? My favorite writer is E. Nesbit, she's British. But that hardly counts as foreign. I actually haven't read that much foreign literature, I'm a Warholian so my tastes tend to be terribly American and terrible-American. I also own #cred.
Zombie Kim Jong Il is standing behind you making you type that isn't he? THIS IS MICHEAL MALICE SPEAKING. ALL IS FINE AND THERE ARE NO ZOMBIES.
What is your opinion on bitcoin and it's future? I have a signed hardcover of the book limited to 666 copies since Kim Jong Il represented constituency no. 666 (no sure if trolling). It's $50 but ~$45 if paying in btc.
I am very pro-btc. Here's a story about DPRK and inflation. Close to the end of his life, Kim Jong Il gave everyone in the country an enormous raise, something like 1000% (one thousand). When inflation hit 1000% shortly thereafter, he had the finance minister (can double-check exact title) shot for undermining the economy.
Are you, or related to, Anne Frank? Never heard of her.
It's my understanding that most if not all of the information you obtained on Jong Il was through propaganda you acquired while in NK, yes? What do you plan to do with the books/pamphlets, etc now that it's been compiled into one complete source (Dear Reader)? I mixed in all the Western stuff to, so that i could paint a complete picture. All the books are gathering dust on my shelf and I intend to keep them.
If someone killed Kim Jon Unand any children he had, what would happen? In the short term, it would get very very ugly. Probably Kim Kyong Hui, Kim Jong Il's sister, would throw her weight behind someone. Also Kim Jong Il's uncle is probably still alive, he's Kim Il Sung's brother. The thing is, so much of the mythology is based on the "Mt. Paektu bloodline" that it's tricky to see how they'd work around it. Maybe Kim Jong Chol, Kim Jong Un's older brother, might be a figurehead and hand over the crown.
That is what I was wondering. If you have a "divine" bloodline, would the people be prepared to accept a whole new load of lies? I am led to believe the majority of the country believe everything about Kim Jong Il and his "miracles". Is that right? Not even remotely. If you think a leader is great, why waste time on propaganda? The refugees despise Kim Jong Il. Everyone in the country regards him as the far inferior version of his father, Kim Il Sung, who defeated both the Jap devils and the US imperialists.
How much money can a ghostwriter earn? (range?) Is there a lot of travel involved with your work? Travel completely depends on the client. As for pay, think of it this way: how much does a meal cost? You have McDonald's, and you have Per Se.
What was the closest you've been to dying? Staring down Matt Hughes.
How do you prepare for the writing? How do you alternate reading and writing? How do you plan the writing? How clear was your idea of the book before you started the first chapter? My idea of the book was very very unclear. I thought of it as a joke, to be honest, and it's become a pop history of the entire country. I prepared by reading dozens of books. I saved books that were about specific events for when I came to said events in the narrative.
It's so easy to take things for granted as 'muricans. Are those slippers you are wearing?? Yes we have to wear slippers because of our filthy imperialist natures.
Gun to your head: Which of your Ghostwritees would you accept a handjob from? Can we please focus on Rampart?
When do us kickstarter supporters get our books? I start shipping tomorrow. Still haven't gotten the hardcovers yet but will ship immediately.
Which celebrity have you ghostwritten for that was the shittiest at telling their own story? LOL you're looking at it backwards. There's a restaurant in Toronto called the Black Hoof that only uses offal. the food is incredible. a good chef doesn't care about his ingredients.
Offal is delicious!!! That place gave me life.
How would Kim Jong Un react if he read 'Dear Reader'? I think he'd like it increasingly less as he read on.
Should I give him a copy next week? Does he have bitcoin?
On my agenda to ask. I'll report back. And he was never seen again.
Do you seek out controversial people to write about or do the ghostwriting projects come to you? I hadn't thought of the people I work with as controversial until you asked me this, but DL Hughley and Matt Hughes clearly are. I'll write with anyone who isn't evil, I can do obnoxious just fine.
What is the next big project on your horizon? Not sure yet, this was a huge one that's for sure.
Michael I was a huge fan of Pekar's book about you. I would like to ask you about working with him. Did you feel any connection to him as a fellow Jewish writer? Were you a fan of his work? How did you feel about your portrayal? What was Pekar like and did you guys stay in touch after that book? Thanks very much, Harvey and I remained friends until the end. Despite being a dark clouds kind of guy, he really was always a bright spot for me in my life and for all of his friends. Our project started because of the ethnic connection, he wanted to contrast his generation's emigration with mine. Then he discovered what a "piece of work" I was and it took on a life of its own.
Looking at North Korea from the perspective of Chinese TV, North Korea seems to have at least some progress, with Chinese people doing business there. Is what I just said true or is the NK gov't hiding everything even to their "friends"? China is north Korea's closest ally, and they are increasingly sick of carrying water for them. The DPRK gets a good deal of money from Chinese tourism, since the RMB is so much stronger the north Korean won. I wouldn't say there's progress, I think losing electricity is the opposite of that.
Has your political or economic philosophy changed since Ego and Hubris was written? If so, how? Yes, I am a full anarchist and have nothing but contempt for the Republican party.
If you could choose any celebrity to work with, who would it be? David Bowie, i don't even know who would come close.
Do you know who would come close? Angie Bowie?
Hey Michael. I hear you collect plants. What's the rarest plant you have, and what's the most surprising thing you can share about the hobby? The problem with rare plants is that they've started cloning them, I used to be like one of 3 people to have Echeveria cv. Raindrops and now they're $5. No one even knew what Beiselia was, and now you can buy them. Feelsbadman.
Do you write for yourself/fun? Any hobbies (please don't say stamp collecting) you have when not working? Writing is never fun, though it is rewarding. My main hobby is a wonderfully/embarrassingly thorough succulent collection.
Wow. Well I guess I don't need to ask, "What's your most successful pick up line?" Actually my most successful pick up line was "Do you need help reading that?" It was a New Year's Day party, everyone was hung over. This girl was staring blankly at a bottle label.
Hi, Michael, here's a funny question, are you ticklish? If so where and are your feet ticklish? :) Feet and armpits, the usual. Ribs too but that often hurts. I'm much more of a tickler than a ticklee.
Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? Easily the former, the bites/kicks of what are effectively chihuahuas would be manageable but one blow from a huge bill could take me out pretty easily.
If there was one thing you'd like everyone on the world hear and consider, what would it be? That's quite a broad question, can you be more specific?
What do you think about readers checking your books out from libraries? LOL that's kidnapping.
I looked for more inscrutable jewish jokes like the ones mentioned in the pekar book but couldn't find any -- can you tell more or point to more? is there any similar such humor in NK? LOL actually they love that humor there because of being steeped in Soviet culture.
They have inscrutable joke books in NK? No, but like in Russia word of mouth is enormously powerful. Every Russian knows to never put it in writing!
What do you think about the movie The Beastmaster? C+
What's your favorite song by the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble? Song of Blood Transfusion.
Thanks for ruining that image for me, and here I thought him and Mr. Malice (Awesome name btw) were just sitting around in some NK office all day smoking pot, drinking coffee and sharing stories. Once again Reddit has crushed my dreams. Kim Jong Il: Crushing dreams, even from beyond the grave.
The amount of people that treated her with the respect that you did, can probably be counted on one hand. I'm sure she will never forget you as well you should not her. Okay I'm done bothering you! TO SCHOOL zoom That could have been me very easily, and she's one of the fortunate ones.
Really liked you in your TV series during the 90s Link to I was sooo naive then.
Link to Stop doxing me.
True or False: Kim Jong Il is now assassinating people based on techniques he learned while watching "American Horror Story: Coven" God that show was terrible. There was no payoff!!! And who cared who the new Supreme was? And Stevie Nicks' lip syncing was horrible.
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2014.01.28 18:34 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm Michael Landsberg, host of TSN's Off The Record and advocate of mental health awareness. It's Bell Let's Talk Day so...AMA!

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Date: 2014-01-28
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Questions Answers
Hey Mike! What's Jay Onrait like in person? Is he as awesome as he appears on tv? He is a terrible person. No, check that. he is a terrible, evil human being. He spit in my face, kicked my dog, and worst of all, urinated in our studio.
Time to come clean, Landsberg - how many plastic surgeries did you have and which years did you have them? First surgery, Dec. 14 1994 - lip injections. Last surgery, Dec. 19 2013 - tightening of loose neck skin caused by 7 face lifts between 2000 and 2012.
Hey Micheal ive been a huge fan of your show as long as i can remember. Espically the wrestling interviews back during its peak period. Which brings me to my question. How were you able to get the wrestlers to do interviews out of character during a time when they werent doing such a thing? First week OTR was on the air we had Bret Hart on a panel. Vince McMahon saw it and said "you can have any of my guys out of character." It was the first time ever.
Hey Michael, first off I can't thank you enough for the incredible courage you've shown in spearheading the #sicknotweak movement. You are the public face of mental health awareness in Canada and I can't tell you how much of an inspiration you are to us all. My question is how do you do it? Most of us can't gather up the energy to get off the couch and do routine daily tasks when depression is pounding us over the head. How do you find the strength to rally a nation of sufferers and be there to support us when you deal with the same challenges the rest of us do? If you knew the value of sharing, you would do exactly what I'm doing.
Your efforts have encouraged tons of people to open up and you have helped save lives. You are a hero. Thanks. Your words are SO incredibly kind. I'm smiling. And I look dorky.
Do you keep in touch with Chael Sonnen? I do, in fact. As I've told him many times now, I don't want to be his friend! I want him to hate me! Makes for better TV.
If I retweet @Bell_Lets_Talk, will they actually donate 5 cents? Edit: I did it! You can follow me on twitter @LyingPervert. Yes, most definitely. Do it on the count of three! One...two...three.
Did you do it? Don't piss me off!
Hey Michael, as a local Bell employee I am loving the support that the whole country is giving to Let's Talk. My question is what is your favourite memory/funniest story of Wade Belak that people may not have heard before? Thanks Wade saying "I can eat death wings at Duff's," then watching him cry and drink everything in sight, including mayo.
Did you realize the impact, in the pro wrestling world, of getting Vince McMahon to publicly admit he had lied to Bret about the finish in Montreal? Kudos for helping out in raising awareness of mental health issues. Perhaps I still don't realize the impact, but I love Bret. One of the most respectful, humble, and down-to-earth superstars I have ever met.
What do you really think of Pierre McGuire; was he as hated in the studio as much as he is by the majority of Canadian Hockey fans? Loved Pierre...but when you know a guy and he treats you well, you're no longer a typical viewer. But hear this, Pierre haters: he is the best prepared guy in the business.
what do you think of the negative mental effects fighting has on so many hockey players? Do you think it should eventually be phased out of the NHL? Fighting in hockey? It will be gone in 10 years for sure, likely a lot less. You can't claim you're concerned about concussions when you allow people to inflict them.
Hey Micheal, just wondered what's the one thing you would change about mental health in Canada (apart from the stigma)? Thanks for doing this. Easy question. I would change the fact that people in crisis often have to wait 3 months to be seen. Many don't make it.
What is your most memorable interview? The wrestling interviews in the late 90's/early 2000s were fantastic. Way ahead of anyone interviewing wrestlers being out of character. Of all the wrestling interviews, my favorite was the Undertaker. I have never seen him again as Mark Calaway. Chael was definitely my most memorable non-wrestling interview. It's not everyday that you get threatened and walked-off on by a professional fighter.
Why do you wear ungodly amounts of makeup? Do you make that call, or the producer? I make the call! I employ four full-time European house painters to apply my face. Also, I have a part-time dry-waller.
Hey Michael! Wayne Gretzky was on Conan O'Brien last week and the briefly talked about some of Wayne's records. Wayne seemed to think that his record of 50 goals in 39 games would be his hardest record to beat. Do you think this is probably true in regards to all the records Gretzky set? Are there any other current sports records that you think will not be broken in your lifetime? No one in this era will ever come close to 50 goals in 39. But hockey will evolve. One day, there will be another Gretzky-calibre player, and the game will have changed to a goal-scoring game like it was in the '80s.
Hey Landsberg. Been following your #SickNotWeak for a while now and want to say it's really inspiring stuff even for someone who doesn't have a mental health issue! Question: How often do people you interview happen to bring up mental health awareness on their own? Because people know that I speak about it, I think they feel comfortable mentioning it. But more often then not, it's whispered during commercial, or after a show.
Hey, Thanks for this AMA. As a hockey fan I realize concussions are a major part, and was shocked when i heard about Rick Rypien. Who comes to your mind when you think, "They would have benefited from Bell lets talk?" Wade Belak for sure. Not only would he have benefitted, but anyone who heard him or saw him would have benefitted greatly. He would have saved so many lives.
When will you be on Jay and Dan's podcast? I don't know. I have not been able to squeeze them in. They ask me at LEAST 3 times a week, but I find them to be small-time, annoying, and...annoying. So bottom line, Jay and Dan, stop asking.
Hello Michael, thank you for coming to reddit! As someone who just got into the behavioral health field in the US, it's refreshing to see folks like yourself pushing for more awareness on that front! What efforts can you see being made to help dispel the stigma about seeking mental health care? Do they happen at the government level? Community? Let's talk concrete moves. I have a lot of folks call in to me who are afraid to take their children or family members or themselves to treatment because they are not "one of those people." Any thoughts on this and some of the communities this perpetuates? The world needs to be desensitized. The more we talk about our struggles, the less freakish we sound. "I suffer from depression." The more I say that, the more routine it sounds, and eventually (a long time away) people won't be shocked to hear it and be afraid to say it.
I just wanted to say thank you. You truly are one of the best role models a young adult could have. My question to you is, what is the BEST Reuben sandwich you have ever had? Thanks for your kind words. Glad I can help.
Who is someone that you've interviewed, whose mental health concerns you? It would be unfair for me to mention anyone who had confided in me. Most people still won't talk about it on the air. I worry about Andrew Jensen. He is so strong in talking about his struggles. I just fear that one day the illness will fight back.
Hey Michael, big fan. I've always loved your little feud(s?) with Chael Sonnen and it would seem you two are constantly butting heads when you interview him. Having said that, when he was on Jay and Dans Podcast he said that's not the case at all but you and him like each other and send each other christmas cards. Was he just being Chael or is this true? What's your actual relationship like with Chael? All true, except the Christmas cards. That's bullshit. The next time I see him, I will tell him, "I'm not scared of you. We'll just call it a title fight, and you will lose."
Hey Landsberg! what's your workout schedule? Spin class, 4 times a week with my daughter Casey. Boxflex in my basement. 2 hours on the couch every night. The last one is key.
How come you get the most flack for wearing make-up? Seems like dutchy wears quite a bit himself. I get the most flack because I don't deny it. Not saying it's true, but it doesn't bother me. Do you like what I'm using? I'm thinking of going Revlon to Maybelline.
Is there a question you wanted to ask someone but didn't? What was the reason? Many questions I failed to ask because contrary to reports, I am not mean-spirited. But sometimes mean questions need to be asked.
When did you know it was time to seek help and how did you dispel the stigma with your friends and family? I knew it was time to get help when I no longer could experience joy. Never cared about the stigma, never cared what people thought. Perhaps that comes from spending most of my life on TV.
Hey Michael. You've really opened my eyes; if I saw a guy wearing the shirts you wear, I'd never think he's depressed. Anyways, if you got the opportunity to do your show in the states for ESPN or Fox Sports or whatnot, would you do it? I have turned down multi-million dollar offers from eery American network, as well as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
On air, you seem to have an abundance of confidence which makes you magnetic to watch. Have you always had that or is it something you only have on camera? EDIT: Words. I have that confidence when I feel good. When I'm depressed, it disappears. TV gave me confidence. As a teenager, I was scared of many things. Starting with girls.
Hey Michael, I always see you posting numbers on Twitter about how you're feeling on certain days. I'm just curious what they stand for, and how we can figure out our own numbers? Edit: Worded better. Check out @heylandsberg, and I will tweet it now!
Most awkward interview you've ever had? Probably 200 tied for awkwardness. Robert Parrish (the Chief!), though. Nice guy...weird dude.
Hi Mike, longtime fan of your show. OTR is a staple in my day. I'm a big time Canadian basketball fan so I must ask when is Gary Payton, aka the Glove, going to be on again ? #GLOVEDONTLIE When he gets fired from Fox Sports 1. LOL! I LOVE Gary Payton. #MLDontLie.
Is it true you that you filed a complaint against the Dean Blundell show? And if so, how happy are you that he's off the air? Not true. Dean Blundell said some amazingy horrible things about me, but I never responded in any way. Am I happy he's fired? Not a bit. I enjoyed listening to him, and hate to see people fired.
But he is a dick.
Hey Landsberg, who are you closest with from the tsn family? Also, what do you miss most about sportscasting on sportdesk? Outside of work, I don't see any on-air people. Not because I don't like them, but because I don't go out much...perhaps I'm reclusive.
I miss doing highlights. Each one was a chance to create something new and fresh. Since I made it all up on the fly.
You are arrogant and I hate you, but I still love you Perhaps the greatest message ever sent to me.
Hey mike just want to say your doing an amazing job bringing awareness to the issue of mental health it's amazing to see so thank you for that. I also wanted to know who was the funniest person you have had the chance to interview on OTR New Gingrich, for sure. I found the absurdity of his views hysterically funny.
Hey, Landsberg. What really happened between Tmac, vince and Oakley on your show. TMac and Vince were SO happy to speak to each other. Oak was amazing but weird.
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